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Foshan Benefic Tech Co., Ltd.

Foshan Benefic Technology Co.LTD . located in the historically renowned Chinese city of Foshan, Guangdong province, was founded in August 2007,  mainly engaged in LED lighting energy saving, environmental protection and color display high-tech product research and development and sales. The LED products mainly include professional high power LED street light, large stadium, football field, tennis courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, golf courses, professional lamps and lanterns, in addition to project-light lamp, mining lamp, ceiling lamp, shoot the light, the ball bubble lamp, candle light and big power LED general lighting products such as professional High Power Fishing Lighting and special emergency lighting lamps and lanterns series.

Company Culture

Target: To provide Professional and perfect products and service in energy saving,enviromental protection and fashion life for human being.
Vision:  To acquire World-Wide famous brand with customer praise.
Mission:  Focus on the continuous improvement and innovation in lighting energy saving,environment protecion and color display products and service,let customers to share bright healthy and happy life by our high quality and consummate products and service.
Core value:  Respect,Benefic share and Innovation is the base of our company harmonious development. 

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